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Massage Chesterfield | Tanning, Derbyshire | Spa, Derbyshire | Le Chic Beauty Salon

Massage & Body Therapy

Price List:

Back Massage – £24.00 (25 minutes) or £29.00 (40 minutes)  

Swedish massage, working together we will discover problem areas that can be worked on to relax and ease away muscle tension.

Purifying Back Treatment – £35.00 (60 minutes)

A facial for the back! Includes cleansing of the skin followed by a stimulating back scrub to revive the skin. Hot towels are applied to the skin to soothe & cleanse the skin opening pores to aid the purifying mask to do its work, while the Infrared heat lamp warms & soothes aching back muscles. All topped off with a soothing, relaxing back massage

Therapeutic Indulgence – £35.00 (60 minutes)

Exfoliating back scrub removed with hot towels, followed by hot oil applied to the skin with a luxury massage using warm volcanic stones to ease tension away from deep in the muscle.

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Infrared Target Therapy – £27.00 (45minutes)

An infrared heat lamp penetrates deep into the muscles & joints, Infrared rays expand blood vessels to allow oxygen rich blood & healing components to flood in to heal inflammation whilst heat relaxes the muscles & joints. Followed by a soothing massage to target troublesome areas, the ultimate treatment for problem back ache. (Can be tailored on other areas of the body).

Deep Tissue Massage – £27.00 (45 minutes)

Prior to massage a soothing hand held deep tissue machine is used on problem areas, in just a small amount of time this treatment, helps to relieve & loosen aching muscles followed by a relaxing massage.


Body Therapy

Hot stones full body massage – £45.00  (90 minutes)

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the centre of the muscles for complete relaxation. Warm oils are applied to the skin using hot volcanic stones to massage away your tension from your head to toe. Leaving you feeling utterly relaxed –pure bliss, includes mini facial

Wellbeing massage £35.00 (70 minutes)

For general relaxation A full body massage, designed to revive & soothe the muscles a great pick me up.

Headache Relief  £25.00 (40 minutes)

Tension & stress can build up to cause tiredness & headaches. This relaxing massage uses acupressure massage to the face, scalp & shoulders to relieve tension and sinus pressure. A lovely treatment to ease away those pains.

Reflexology £26.00 (50 minutes)

Pressure points on the feet are stimulated to relieve stress & tension of the mind & body. An effective therapy for maintaining health & well being.

Soothing Head Massage £26.00 (50 minutes)

A real favorite. This relaxing head massage is great for easing away tension, using hot oils to condition the hair & penetrate the scalp to unwind tension with a relaxing scalp, face, neck, shoulder & upper back massage performed in a seated position.

Therapy Packages

For an appointment at Le Chic Beauty Salon in Chesterfield, please call: (01246) 768 699

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